Why Are My Roots Lighter Than The Rest Of My Hair Why Are My Roots So Much Lighter After Dyeing My Hair?

Why are my roots so much lighter after dyeing my hair? - why are my roots lighter than the rest of my hair

My hair is dark by nature and tries to light reddish-day. I had him 20 minutes long and do not distribute for any reason, the color of the route. My roots are 3 good shades lighter than the rest of my hair. I do not understand why! Need recommendations on how to fix please.


dLiShSz said...

Probably the rest of the hair had been dyed in the past

what you have done wrong * * This is to make hair dye at its ends about 20 minutes and then applies it to his roots as 5 minutes

best way to correct is the same color painted on the ends, where it is dark, and ignore the roots of the

Alyson Stroud said...

u said ur identity or natural hair dyed dark years .. AUBAN? hmm, and did you spot on a subway?
My hair is naturally strawberry blonde and my hairdresser dyed black and began to slide, and I wanted light and length of hair, but not washed the roots and all, and my natural hair color, bleach then reset by every means possible to more easily, has a very low Blon .. strawberries as caramel color
betta ur probably gonna do ur hair in the salon, they can a little practice, but you know what their .. So yeah

ellykay said...

Have previous color on your page? If so, the color will not lighten color. So if your hair dyed dark brown (front) and had 2 inches regrowth and then tried to light dye, only the new growth is reduced. If you do not dye it, the darkness was very dry, so that it porous, so that it absorbs more color. Only accumulation. You can use baby shampoo or a soap dish to wash. This is drying, so make sure to deep condition.

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